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No WiFi? No Problem! Enjoy Next-Generation Garage Door Automation by Nexx

No WiFi? No Problem! Enjoy Next-Generation Garage Door Automation by Nexx

What’s the point of garage door automation if it doesn’t work when your WiFi is out? It’s a question that has bugged us since launching our flagship garage product, Nexx Smart Garage NXG-100, two short years ago. Back then we pushed the limits of technology, packing as much as we could into a handy, affordable device designed to work with stuff you already own.

Well today, no WiFi equals NO problem plus a whole lot more! We are thrilled to announce the next-generation Nexx Garage Smart WiFi Controller NXG-200. Enjoy MORE control, MORE convenience, MORE peace of mind with all-new features that take garage door automation to a whole new level.

What’s New with Nexx Smart Garage?

Industry-Leading Connectivity

  • Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 now works with BLUETOOTH so that you can control your garage door even when the Internet is out.

  • We’ve also added a powerful EXTERNAL ANTENNA that boosts your WiFi connection for even more security and reliability.

Wire-Free, Hassle-Free Installation

  • We’ve streamlined installation down to 10 minutes or less. Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 features new WIRELESS SENSORS that can be installed with Velcro. No more messing with wires! No more dealing with mounting brackets!

Cool Add-on Accessories Coming Soon!

At Nexx, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help you simplify the little things in life –– and make your home safer. That’s why we’ll be making another announcement soon about a fantastic new safety product that everybody needs in their garage. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our newsletter What’s Nexxt for first dibs on new products, family & friend bonuses, exclusive discounts, Nexx news, and more!

What’s Still the Same?

As always, Nexx Smart Garage delivers the best in garage door automation. Open, close, schedule, and monitor your garage door anytime, anywhere. Never worry about whether or not you have left your garage door open again.

Here are just a few more stand-out reasons to go with Nexx!

Securely Share with Friends & Family

  • Authorize multiple people to access your garage and always know who activated it. Receive notifications if someone has forgotten to close the door.

Activate by Tapping, Speaking or Driving

  • Control by tapping on the Nexx Home app or by giving voice commands to Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Or… “JUST DRIVE” with industry-leading geofencing technology that tells your garage door to open the moment you pull into your driveway, hands-free.

Enjoy Subscription-Free Service

  • With Nexx, there are NO HIDDEN FEES or ongoing monthly subscription. Even VOICE ACTIVATION is FREE!

Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 is compatible with most garage door openers but, before you buy, be sure to check compatibility.

What are you waiting for? :)

The all-new next-generation Nexx Smart Garage is here! Be the first on your block to take your garage door automation to a whole new level!

Get yours (or upgrade!) today!