What is Geofencing “Just Drive Technology” by Nexx? | Nexx
What is Geofencing “Just Drive Technology” by Nexx?

What is Geofencing “Just Drive Technology” by Nexx?

 * Functionality is dependent on the user's phone system, WiFi network, and individual settings.

One of the main reasons people choose home automation is because they are looking to simplify their lives. They crave the convenience smart home technology has to offer. And, why not? After all, we carry a supercomputer in the form of our smartphones everywhere we go, which makes opportunities to automate seemingly endless! A big secret to smartphones working smarter for home automation is something called geofencing –– and it’s the driving force behind the Nexx Home app’s Just Drive Technology TM.

What is Geofencing and Just Drive Technology?

We’re glad you asked!

Geofencing uses global positioning (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define a virtual geographic boundary. When a mobile device enters or leaves the boundary, software (an app or apps) installed in the device triggers actions based on “if this, then that” commands.

While the above description sounds complicated, it’s really not! The Nexx Home app makes it super simple. Imagine that your home garage is at the very center of large digital circle. Anytime you cross the boundary into the circle with your smartphone, the Nexx Home app can be set up to trigger actions on your Nexx home automation devices. “If I approach my house, then make my garage door open.”

Nexx’s Just Drive Technology gives you total, hands-free control. Using the Nexx Home app, you can set up your devices however you want.


  • Going out for a walk without having to bring along the garage door opener or type in the entry code. Simply bring your cellphone and, presto, your garage door will open when you walk back home. (And, yes, it’s not technically “just driving” but it’s super cool!)


  • Coming home from work late at night to a house that lights up the moment you turn onto your street.


  • Opening the garage door, completely hands-free, just by driving up to your house.

Is Geofencing something new?

No. Geofencing has been around a little over five years –– which in the fast-paced home automation world seems like a lifetime. What is new is Nexx’s approach, which marries geofencing technology with simple-to-use home automation products designed to work with stuff you already own. Instead of stopping with a simple “just tap” or “just speak” app like most of our competitors, we’ve gone the extra mile to add “just drive.” By doing so, Nexx delivers ultimate hands-free convenience to thousands of households across the country.

Get Nexx today and discover how great “Just Drive” can be!