Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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Customer Reviews

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Very good remote opener and status device (nexx 200)

I have these installed on 5 doors in an institutional application. I didn't use the included wireless sensors but wired in to the openers open limit circuit. The wireless sensor would not work with the extra large aluminum doors. With good WIFI signal these have been pretty much flawless for about 2 years. Some are on gates and some are on doors. It's so nice to get a call from the service man and be able to let him in the gate and then open the appropriate door for access or to shut a door when one has been left open. I do wish the notification feature could have more flexible parameters (ie: notify me only between certain hours, or only after so many minutes after certain hours) All in all, these have been a huge benefit and we are going to eventually install them on about 15 doors / gates. Just have good wifi signal where the brain is installed (which doesn't have to be at the door, it would simply need 4 wires run to the door location (2 for actuating the opener and 2 for the door closed signal)

no wifi

This devise is garbage, support Sucks, it started by telling me that the Door was close and it was open and vise versa, I would not buy it Mine has had trouble since day one, Now it won't get WIFI
I'm going to remove and throw away, I ve devotes too much time to make it work

George F.
if only every product worked this good!!

I purchased this 2 years go and it works flawlessly every day. The only caveat is the wireless position needs batteries every 2-3 months, I just keep a good supply. Other than that it never fails to let me know the door is open. It always works on command. A truly great product

Jim F
Doesn’t work with Apple Homekit

It opens and closes the garage great. Works with Alexa and Google, but no support for Apple.

Dave R.
Easy to install and it just works!

This is my second Nexx garage door controller and it is apparently a newer generation. The door position sensor is wireless and extremely easy to install compared to the original two piece wired one. If you can peel some double side foam tape and stick the door sensor on the door and the WiFi door controller on the side of your opener and connect two wires you shouldn't have any trouble installing this on a compatible door opener. Both of my openers are two different models made by Genie and they are several years old.

Once physically installed, all you need to do is install the Nexx app on your phone and follow the instructions to connect the Nexx controller to your WiFi network.