Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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CISA (US Govt Cyber Security Agency) Summary of Security Vulnerability of Nexx Garage Door Openers

Will Signup ForClassAction
All Units Disabled by Nexx - Huge Security Breach With Product

Google it. Reddit it. Nexx has shut down the remote open function on ALL these devices. Mine hasn’t worked in a couple weeks. Apparently, all units share the same password. You read that right. When you activate the remote open, it requests the Nexx server to issue that password to your particular device, as it is identified with your copy of their app. But it is a relatively easy hack to get the Nexx server to open ANY device, or even ALL such devices. No comment from Nexx. No customer info or support. Product is listed as sold out. Worst business decision ever. There is a huge lawsuit brewing here. This is an existential flaw. I want my money back.

Major security flaw allows anyone, anywhere to easily open your garage door.

Totally unsecure device. Master password for all devices is baked into the firmware, and personal information is broadcast from the cloud to ALL devices. Company is removing all negative reviews over this issue, refuses to fix problem.

Patrick Riegler
It works excellent except for wireless sensor low battery handling

I use the geofense feature to open my garage door when I'm within range because my garage door is very slow. I love using my apple watch to open and close the door too. It works great. However, when the battery goes low in the wireless sensor is when problems occur. If I'm away at work when the battery goes low, I would receive random false notifications that my garage door is open when it was not or vice versa. I would stress out about whether the garage door is actually open. I'm not sure what the best course of action would be if the system receives a low battery indication. Also, I feel like i shouldn't have to tell the app the battery is new (tapping the low battery icon), but if i don't the battery icon keeps indicating a low battery. The review below mine, this may be what Greg L.'s problem is (a low battery in the wireless sensor seemed to stop the geofense from working for me).

Greg L.
Loved it Until I Hated it!

I ordered the wired system, but they sent me the wireless several years ago. I loved the geo fencing--especially with my Harley. Everything worked in the beginning and I rated NEXX five stars. After a year, the sensor began to give false readings. Technical support was useless. No wat to reset the app when it reads the opposite of reality. I finally bought a camera to monitor the garage door. Then the geo-fencing began to work only intermittently until it finally stopped. This was the main reason I purchased NEXX. I believe the real problem is the wireless sensor. If only I had insisted that they send what I originally ordered. I am looking for a new solution--any ideas?