Nexx Smart Plug NXPG-100W

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Nexx Smart Plug NXPG-100W

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Nexx WiFi Smart Plug with Geofencing Technology turns any regular outlet into a SMART outlet.

Powered by the Nexx Home app, this smart device allows you to turn on/off, monitor, and schedule all kinds of electronics like lamps, fans, TVs, and more -- anytime, anywhere.

Control using your smartphone, Siri, SmartThings, Alexa and Google Assistant devices, or just by driving your car.


Simply plug in, connect your electronics, download the Nexx Home app, and “Just Tap. Just Speak. Just Drive!


Nexx Smart Plug works perfectly with lamps, fans, televisions, radios, heaters, window unit air conditioners, Christmas trees, and home appliances like crock pots, curling irons, wax burners, and more.

coffee maker television lamp iron
fan toaster kettle curler


Activate by tapping on the Nexx Home app or by giving voice commands to Siri or your Alexa or Google assistant-enabled devices. Or, simply drive up to your house – never come home to a dark house again!


Make your house feel like there’s always someone home! Schedule electronics to turn on or off however you want them to, delivering extra peace of mind when you’re out of the house. Nexx Smart Plug is perfect for parents, pet owners, travelers, seniors, and people who live alone.

Nexx Schedule Screen

SMART & EASY home automation

disabled person using nexx home app to control smart plug wifi
"Hey Siri, turn on living room lamps."

Struggling to reach the lights? Simply tell Siri to switch them on.

amazon alexa voice control nexx home app garage plug ask speak talk remote
"Alexa, turn on Office Floor Heater."

Imagine walking into a warmer office in the middle of winter. Just tell Alexa half an hour before you head out the door.

* Routines are not available due to Amazon Restrictions.

google assistant voice control nexx home garage plug app speak talk remote disabled handicap help
"Hey Google, is Master Bathroom Outlet turned off?"

Did you forget to turn off your curling iron? Know for sure with Nexx!

automate nexx home app devices schedule remote control smartphone amazon alexa google assistant web tablet travel trip safe
Automate Your Vacation with SmartThings

Leaving town for a week? Automate your electronics with SmartThings so that it looks like there’s always someone home!

Nexx works on US-BASED CLOUD SERVERS and is an American companylocated in Dallas, Texas


We value your privacy.

All Nexx products are protected with the latest encryption technology running on US-based cloud servers and backed by an American company. Nexx Home App is developed by our US engineers and is updated regularly to conform with the latest security standards for IoT devices.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchases from Nexx website comes with a 90 days return period. We know you'll love Nexx products, but if you're not completely satisfied, return for a full refund.

1-Year Warranty

12-month limited parts and labor warranty with easy postage-paid return and replacement.

Fantastic Customer Support

We are here before, during, and after the sale with a dedicated customer support team and extensive support hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Michael Schuurmans

Nexx Smart Plug NXPG-100W

Joseph Stockwell
Great products

I love this company’s products and their support.

Melissa Bennett
Nexx smart plugs

I have put the smart plugs in a few locations at the house. They are set up on a schedule for different appliances. I Like the flexibility and not needing to be here for the on and off.

Michael Caeg
Easy set up

The Nexx smart plugs are sooooo easy to set up. I have 10 of these tiny smart plugs and they are the best. I also have them linked with my Google Home app. Note these will only link up to 2.4 on your Wi-Fi. If you don’t have your SSID separated then you will have issues linking them up to your Wi-Fi. Everyone should have these in their home. Thanks Nexx. I love your products.

David Coleman
Nexx Smart Plug NXPG-100W Review

Overall, I like these smart plugs very much. They were easy to set up and are easy to manage through the NEXX App. My only negative comment about them is that the plug-in is on the front rather than the side. Most of stand-alone timers that I've replaced with these smart plugs had the plug-in on the side which allows the cords to be closer to the wall (not stick out as far as they do when plugged into the front).