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Nexx Garage Smart Garage Door Remote

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Nexx Garage is a companion device to existing garage door openers and allows one or more users to securely open, close, and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world.

We guarantee you will love our product! That’s why we offer:

  • free delivery within continental USA Free Shipping within continental US
  • 90-day 100% money back guarantee 90-day, 100% money back guarantee
  • 1-year full labor & parts warranty 1 year full labor & parts warranty

Never forget to leave your garage open again.

Just Tap - Get reminded that your garage door is open and use our mobile app to securely close it from anywhere.

Let your guest through your garage or gate while you are cooking.

Just Speak - Let Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant help you open your garage or gate. Just say:

'Alexa, tell Nexx Garage to open gate'.
'Hey Google, tell Nexx Garage to close door 3'.

Look, no hands! Magically open your garage.

Just Drive - Automatically open your garage or gate when you drive near your home. (This feature is in Beta release)


Ever left the house and forgot to close the garage door?

No worries, Nexx Garage will remind you.


Get notified in real-time on who and when the garage door open or close.
You can also set voice notifications as well.


Give your parents, children, siblings, or friends access to activate your garage door opener. You, in turn, can control both yours and theirs as well. With this capability, you no longer need keys or remember a keypad pin code.


Keep track of who and when your garage door was activated.

Alexa, tell Nexx Garage to open garage

Never have to leave the kitchen table to open your garage door. Just tell Alexa while drinking your coffee.

Hey Google, ask Nexx Garage for door status

Is your friend at your gate? No need to move, just ask Google Assistant to open the gate for them. If only everything is just this simple.

Works with IFTTT!

With IFTTT integration, you have endless automation possibilities.

- Close door at 10 PM every day
- Text me when door is opened
- Email me when door is activated
- and more

Know on the Go with Watch App

With our watch app, you can not only know the status of your garage or gate, but also open or close it as well. Be mobile but still in control.

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Nexx Garage - Best Value

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Important requirements

  • 2.4 Ghz

    Nexx Garage requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. 5 Ghz WiFi network will not work.

  • 1 x 1

    One Nexx Garage controller per garage door opener. The mobile app will support multiple Nexx Garage controllers.

  • Compatability

    We are compatible with most garage openers. Checkout our compatibility list here.

Featured Reviews

Phenomenal product and support

I strongly recommend this product. It just works.

Dushyant M.

Awesome customer service, great product

Works great. thanks to customer service for easy help when my opener was incompatible.

Richard Pescatore

Works very well 
I installed the Nexx Garage monitor at my daughter's home without any problems. It worked with a LiftMaster 3800 PC. I think that I'll order one for myself!!

Peter Calvert

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
works well (for now), but some glitches setting up

I purchased originally to allow me to close garage if kids leave open. Definitely had difficulty setting up. Told to switch to new app (Nexx home) but still had issues. Device would not sense open/close. Somehow, self corrected after a few days. Last night device woke me and alerted garage opening. It wasn't. This scares me if issue continues.
Tried auto-open function and worked once when driving up to house, but not all the time.
Bottom line is that you have to trust sensor to hit close button remotely. Otherwise, I'd be afraid that I was opening the garage.

Still works 95% of time. Cant trust automation yet.

Great Potential But Far From Perfect

The main reason I got this product was to notify me if I accidentally left the garage door open for an extended period. The secondary reasons were so the door would automatically open when I was near and so I could open the door remotely for guests or package deliveries.

In order for the unit to notify you of the status of your door the two sensors (one mounted on the door and one mounted on the garage wall above or to the side of the door) must me no more than 1/4 in. apart. Even though I have installed the sensors with the proper spacing the App frequently tells me my door is Open when it is closed. This happens more than 60% of the time. And, it will occasionally send me multiple alerts thru the day that my door was Closed multiple times - even though it was only closed once. You can turn these alerts off in the App settings but that defeats the purpose for buying it. Therefore, I cannot trust the unit for reliably telling me the status of my door which is the main reason I bought this product!

As far as the secondary reasons go, the unit will open the garage door when I approach my home (when it thinks the door closed that is) but only when I'm at the bottom of my 30 ft. driveway. I have had no problem with the App opening or closing the door remotely. However, it's a little strange that the app will open the closed door even if the App is telling me the door is already open!

One other issue I had was the included bracket for installing the sensor that is attached to the garage door. This plastic bracket is NOT universal and is practically useless for my garage door - which is a standard size two-car "roll-up" door.

Bottom line is that this product has some great potential and has all the features I was looking for in a smart garage door sensor but is not reliable enough for me to trust it. Also, the "geofencing" capability (which is not adjustable) needs to be expanded so that my door will open when I'm farther away from the home.

Nexx garage door very finicky

I had it for a couple weeks now and it is highly variable. The garage door opens and closes most of the time and auto open worked a couple times only. The main issues is that sometimes the garage door status is correct but most of time it seems to be incorrect and can never go by whether it is open or closed. For instance, even though I get a alert message that the door opened or closed, the app does not correctly reflect the status. I am still going to allow a couple more weeks before thinking about returning it for refund.

Great Product!!

Easy to install and it works great!!

Working, but setup experience was not good

I setup my Nexx and continued getting notifications that my door was open, even though it was not. I spent significant time adjusting the distance between the included magnets without success.

I finally emailed support and received a response that my unit was on an older firmware version with a known bug and that a newer version was out that they could push to my device. I responded that I have the "auto update" feature turned on, so why didn't I get the fix upon activation. I was told that the auto update feature does not work and they have to manually push the upgrade.

Why would a company ship a product with a known software glitch with no instructions on how to fix it? The auto update feature makes you assume you will get updates, and there is no indication of other steps you need to take to ensure you update to the better firmware. I wasted a significant amount of time playing with it and getting frustrated that it was a bad product that the firmware did end up fixing.

Hope this helps someone else save hours of frustration. Once the update gets pushed, it fixes my problem and it's been great since.
It would have made for a much better user experience if they would either:
1: fix the auto update feature.
2: update the firmware before shipping since they know it's got a bug.
3: remove auto update if it's not functional and include instructions to get the update.

Jason, thank you for your feedback. It's highly appreciated.