The Nexx Smart Bundle

$104.99 $124.99 saving $20.00
Nexx Smart Bundle - Nexx Smart Garage Controller NXG-200 and Nexx Smart Plug NXPG-100

The Nexx Smart Bundle

$104.99 $124.99 saving $20.00

Upgrade to the all-new Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 and get a Nexx Smart Plug – both for just $104.99!

Harness the power of Nexx.

Now you can enjoy even MORE convenience, MORE control, MORE peace of mind! At Nexx, we’re committed to helping you simplify your life with easy-to-use products designed to work with stuff you already own. Driven by the power of the Nexx Home app, the all new Nexx Smart Garage and Nexx Smart Plug deliver a powerful one-two punch in home automation.

Why upgrade to Nexx Garage NXG-200?

Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 external antenna

NEW external antenna for stronger, more reliable WiFi connection

Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 Bluetooth

NEW Bluetooth activation for greater control and convenience

Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 accessories add-on

Exciting NEW add-on accessories coming this fall!

Bundle Up with Nexx Garage NXG-200 and Nexx Plug NXPG-100

Bundle with a Nexx Plug for just $99.99

Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200

Nexx Smart Garage Controller NXG-200

The Nexx Garage Smart WiFi Controller is now more powerful than ever with a host of new features. Enjoy total control over your garage and greater peace of mind with exciting new accessories… coming soon!

Just Tap | Just Speak | Just Drive

Nexx Plug NXP-100

Nexx Smart Plug NXP-100

Make any outlet SMART with Nexx Plug! Turn on/off, monitor, and schedule all kinds of electronics - anytime, anywhere.

Plug In | Power Up | Pick a Schedule

Nexx works with iOS, Android, WiFi Nexx wokrs with Bluetooth Nexx works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Siri

With Nexx, there are no hidden fees or ongoing monthly subscription.
Even voice activation is FREE!

Quick and easy installation of Nexx Garage NXG-200

Worried about installation?

Don’t be! We’ve streamlined installation down to 10 minutes or less. The Nexx 200 features NEW, wireless sensors you can install with Velcro. No need for mounting brackets or to wire anything!

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Excellent product

I upgraded from the 100 to the new 200 Nexx opener and it literally took 15 mins with removing the older one first. Super easy and works very well!

Still does not work

I had the Nexx 100 and now I have the Nexx 200.And still does not work,does not respond to my iphone I can open or close my door but does not tell me it is open or closed.

Nexx garage are a must have.

Nexx garage installs and works fine. The wall plugs was a nice add.

Better but...

I seldom had a problem with my wired Nexx 100. It just worked. If I had issues, Nexx support replied quickly.

My initial installation of the Nexx 200 went great. There’s a language translation issue in the directions however and I wondered if I was doing the right thing. The install went ok and things worked as expected. The remote door sensor is a nice addition. Not having to climb a ladder to run wires is a big plus.

I then had a problem streaming music I couldn’t narrow down the problem. I decided to do a factory reset on the router. That of course wiped out all devices on the network including the Nexx 200. I struggled for some time trying to get the Nexx 200 reset, paired with its sensor and connected to the router. Even the Nexx Smartplug was a problem. When the app initially searched for available networks, it only found my guest account; none of the preferred. All issues I was able to resolve over time. I’m network and home automation smart. If I wasn’t, reconnecting the Nexx devices would be difficult.

The bottom line is I like the Nexx products but the language translation was a problem for me and the lack of clear step-by-step reset and reconfiguration instructions resulted in unnecessary time wasted. Still...I’d purchase again.

Lane, we apologize for the issues you were having. Thank you for your feedback. We will take into account your suggestions.

The Nexx Smart Bundle