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9 easy ways to put the Nexx Smart Home WiFi Plug to work this holiday season

9 Ways to Put Your Nexx Smart Home WiFi Plug to Work this Holiday Season

The holiday season comes with a long to-do list, filled with tasks that you need to pull off on time to make sure your preparations are on point. As the holiday season approaches, it is time for you to start getting ready so that you are stress-free during this busy part of the year.

At Nexx, we make products that deliver our customers the simplest, smartest, and most convenient solutions for home automation. The technologies we develop help make our customers’ everyday lives easier. A great example is our new WiFi Smart Plug. Nexx Plugs work with your existing WiFi connection to make any outlet in your home a smart outlet.

Using this simple and convenient device, you can automate any number of appliances in your home with easy “plug and go” use. All you have to do is plug in the Smart Plug into the outlet, connect your appliances, download the Nexx app, and you’re good to go.

9 Ways to Put Your Smart Home WiFi Plug to Work

What better to make your holidays more convenient than putting the Nexx Smart Home WiFi Plug to good use? Here are 9 ways to use this remarkable device to automate your holiday season.

1. Automate Your Christmas Tree

You can connect Christmas tree lights to the Nexx WiFi Smart Plug NXPG-100W. Then, using a simple command on your phone via the Nexx Home app, you can switch them on and off whenever you want – anytime, from anywhere. Running late home from the office? No problem! Turn them on using your phone. Or, simply set a schedule to turn on when you want and off automatically a few hours after everyone’s gone to bed.

2. Light Up the Night

Have the smartest light show on the block. Using the Nexx Smart Home WiFi Plug, you can completely automate your Christmas lights. Program everything to turn on right as the sun goes down. Then, go to bed without having to worry about turning your lights off. Schedule your lighting exactly as you want it. Just be sure to plug your Nexx Plug into the outlet in the garage to protect it from the weather!

3. Pump Up Your Yard Decorations

If you have inflatable decorations in your yard for Christmas, you can easily turn them on and off using your phone. Just connect the pump to a power outlet with a Nexx Smart Home WiFi Plug so you can switch the pump on and off through a simple command.

4. Keep Things Fresh

Love the smell of potpourri but only in small doses? Imagine scheduling your plug-in potpourri pots to fire on or off on a schedule. Use multiple plugs on separate schedules to customize your home’s fragrances according to time-of-day or mood!

5. Fill Your Home With Music

If you want Christmas carols to play for a while then switch off at a certain point during the night, a Smart Home WiFi Plug can come in really handy. All you have to do is schedule your timing and relax.

6. Get Cooking

You will probably be running some errands or entertaining guests while the food cooks in the crockpot in your kitchen. Manually turning it on and off is a hassle, and you never know when you might be running late and can’t switch it on when you need to. Just program the outlet to turn on and turn off the crockpot, based on the ideal cooking time. And when family and friends are gathered around, it’s easy to forget to turn off the crockpot warmer, which can leave you with a mess to clean up if you burn the food. Schedule a shut-off time, forget about it, and enjoy your company.

7. Get Cooking…faster

Just like with your crockpot, schedule your pressure cooker to do the work when you’re away. Want a juicy pot roast ready when you get home from taking the kids to pick out the Christmas tree? Throw in your ingredients before you leave, set the schedule, and come home to dinner.

8. Control Interior Décor Lights

Create an atmospheric, automated environment with your Christmas décor. While one Smart Plug controls your Christmas tree lights, use another to light up your mantle decorations or nativity scene. Use another to control the lights you’ve strung in the windows. And, when you’re asleep for the night, schedule all –– or some –– to automatically shut off when you want them to. No more walking around the house plugging in and unplugging your decorations.

9. Better Protect Your Home

Unfortunately, crime ramps up during the holiday season –– and houses that look like no one’s home are an easy target. Use Nexx Smart Plugs to automate lighting and other electronics to help make it seem like there’s someone inside.

What More Could You Ask For?

You can turn any outlet in your home into a smart outlet using the Nexx WiFi Smart Plug. All you need to do is download the Nexx Home app, then plug Nexx Plug into the outlet and connect your electronics. Then, enjoy easy home automation for your holiday season and for years to come.

Learn more about the Nexx WiFi Smart Plug NXPG-100W or buy it here.