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Five Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Automate Your Home

Five Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Automate Your Home

These days, life seems busier and more complicated than ever. From long days at work to juggling the kids’ activities at night and on the weekends, there is often so much going on that it’s hard to keep up with everything.

That’s why so many families and individuals are looking to simplify the little things in life. And, more and more, they are turning to home automation to help.

If you are looking to join in the home automation craze, here are five quick and easy ways to automate your home without breaking the bank.

1. Smart Plugs

Starting around $25 each, a smart plug turns any ordinary outlet into a SMART outlet. Smart plugs like the WiFi-controlled Smart Plug from Nexx allow you to turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere in the world. They allow you the freedom to customize a schedule, monitor use, and save energy by instantly turning off devices when not in use. Smart plugs are the perfect solution to automate televisions, radios, heaters, lamps, fans, and more! They don’t require any extra wiring or hub, so installation is quick and easy. All that’s needed is the app.  For Nexx Smart Plug, it’s the Nexx Home app. With Nexx Home and Nexx Smart Plug, “Just Tap. Just Speak. Just Drive!” and, ta-da! Every room in your house can be automated!

2. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting options include smart switches and smart bulbs. Controlled by apps on WiFi-enabled smartphones or tablets, they are designed to work with your existing wiring to allow you to easily turn overhead lights on or off. You can even set up custom schedules. For example, you can schedule your outdoor lights to turn off automatically at sunrise. Some apps let you set your interior lights to turn on the moment you pull into your driveway. Smart lighting can also sense when doors are opened. This feature adds an extra layer of security because you’re instantly alerted when anyone steps inside your home. Smart bulbs and smart switches range in cost from about $30 for single units to upwards of $200 for sets.

3. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats help save energy by using environmental sensors to switch heating and cooling on or off according to the temperature parameters set by the homeowner. Most feature an “away” mode, which when activated automatically switches to an energy-efficient temperature when you are away from home. This can make a huge difference on your electricity bills. And, with anytime/anywhere control via app, you can easily turn down the A/C on your way home, so your house is nice and cool when you arrive. Smart thermostats cost around $250 and typically do not require a professional for installation.

4. Smart Garage Door Controller

A smart garage door remote allows you to open, close, and monitor your garage door securely from anywhere in the world. Look for one like Nexx Smart Garage Controller. Designed to work with a wide range of models, Nexx Garage allows you to automate your garage door using the garage door opener you already own! With Nexx Smart Garage, you can activate and monitor your garage door on the Nexx mobile app, by giving voice commands to Siri or your Alexa or Google Assistant devices… or just by driving near your garage door. It offers quick and easy installation with no hidden fee or monthly subscription. For just a small investment, you’ll never have to worry whether or not you left the garage door open again!

5. Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum easily automates the mundane task of keeping your floors clean. You can set up a schedule or ask your robot vacuum to use its sensor and clean the floor as it is needed. Moreover, their compact size allows them to clean beneath most furniture. And, unlike regular, push-powered vacuum cleaners, they make no sound! Though the cost of robot vacuum cleaners can run upwards of a thousand dollars or more, lower-end starter models can be purchased for as little as around $85.

These quick and easy ways to automate your home can help simplify the little things in life –– without costing you a bundle. From lighting to floors, garage doors to temperature control, you, too, can enjoy more control over your house, life, and home with smart home automation.