Replacement Wired Sensor (COMPLETE PAIR) + Mounting Brackets - for Nexx Smart Garage

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Replacement Wired Sensor (COMPLETE PAIR) + Mounting Brackets - for Nexx Smart Garage

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Replacement wired sensor (complete pair) with mounting brackets for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-100, NXG-200, and NXG-300.

This sensor complete pair and mounting brackets are a great alternative for those wanting a Wired Sensor option in place of the Wireless Sensor that comes with Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 and NXG-300 by default.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Bennett
Wired sensor

I received my wired sensor and Nexx plugs. I have the plugs for appliances that are on a schedule and the sensor for the overhead door. The wireless sensor doesn’t always give the correct position, so wired is to replace the wireless

Medhat Ashamalla
Outstanding, perfect addition. This Device bailed out 2022 LIFTMASTER/myQ opener that won't connect

Compatible with. my ancient Overhead Received promptly. Easy istallation of the device. Some difficulty attaching the sensor to the garage door because the edge of my door is curved requiring some spacer to prop the sensor mounting bracket. App function well, Siri integration is a bonus. Will be tasing the geofencing feature shortly. Can't ask for more.

Update 5/17/2022: We moved to a new state and location to a home that had the most recent LiftMaster garage door opener with bells and whistles, unfortunately its myQ technology doesn't connect to the internet. After nearly 2 weeks of trouble shooting with my ISP and LiftMaster/myQ tech support the issue is still unresolved and it appears the LOGIC BOARD on the opener is defective. Not only mine, but the entire batch. ENTER NEXX NXG-100B. Contacted NEXX customer support, they send an adapter, but when that was found to be incompatible they asked me to send a remote that can be patched with 2 wires and connected to the opener. In less than 4 days I got the remote back and installed it and IT WORKS. I can't say enough about NEXX and their TECH SUPPORT. I had some trouble connecting the NXG100, so I exchanged emails with tech support and in about 30 minutes I was up and running. This is simply unheard of. I have this device for a number of years and it continues to amaze me. More significantlu the service by NEXX us unmatched.

Barry A. Bolnick
Problems with wireless sensor

After more than a year of struggling with two different Nexx wireless sensors on my NXG100 and 200 I switched to the wired sensor. It fixed my problems. Work great all the time without errors.

Dennis Gee
Good product Dreadful instructions

The sensor works great after a lot of trial-and-error to get in installed correctly.

It works

Good replacement for the wireless sensor that always said door open.