Nexx Smart Garage Adapter NXAD-200

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Nexx Smart Garage Adapter NXAD-200

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Nexx Adapter is an accessory that allows Nexx Smart Garage to work with incompatible garage openers.

You will only need this accessory if you have an incompatible garage door opener.

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A necessary evil for some - so poorly designed.

For those who have a Chamberlain "Smart" control panel switch, you will need a Nexx NXAD-200 Adapter, which is simply a learning wireless remote control that is hard wired to the Nexx NXG~ module. Simple enough. The real design flaw is where and how the two wires connect to the NXAD-200. The NXAD-200 has a fatal flaw: a really poorly designed wire connector, which will be sure to frustrate, and possibly negate its use if you don't have the ability to solder the connections.

Where the two wires clip into the remote is supposed to be a spring-like wire "socket." But it simply doesn't work. And, not only does it not work so simply, it takes both of your hands, plus a third helping hand to align the wires, press down the spring clips, with paperclips or push-pins, and then push both wires into the socket, simultaneously.

After an hour of frustration, I got out my solder gun, some solder, and "solved" the problem. I had to disassemble the case of the NXAD-200 to get to the main PCB, where I carefully soldered the lead wires directly to the contacts. Of course, you have to guide both wires through the intended holes first, if you plan on closing the original case back up. Or, I guess you could leave the board exposed. It was a super PIA. After all that, you are left to attach, or strap, or tape the remote somewhere near the controller, for future access to the remote battery. The NXG controllers don't really accommodate the NXAD-200 very well, so it's a bit of a cobbled mess when all is said and done.

I did all that because I like the Nexx Garage Door controllers. I had one on my old home and loved it. I moved to a new home, with a Chamberlain "Smart" opener, so I went with a new Nexx NXG-200. It works great, just not with my Chamberlain. I'm glad Nexx makes the NXAD-200, but they could really make it work smarter, connect better, and integrate more tightly with their companion modules.

We apologize for the issues you had installing the adapter. Our support team ( can assist in the process so in future if you have to install it again please contact us. Thank you for your feedback, we'll take it into consideration.

Absolute junk

Remote would not pair with my brand new garage door opener.

We apologize for the issues you are having. Due to the many variables involved that could affect the product from working as expected, please contact our support team ( for assistance. If you would like a tech agent to call you at your convenience, please request a phone call back. Our support team is available 12 hours x 7 days a week.


Nexx Smart Garage Adapter NXAD-200


Doesn’t work consistently

We apologize for the issue you are having. We hope you will give us an opportunity to assist by reaching out to our support team (, and if you would like a tech agent to call you at your convenience, please request a phone call back. We are available 12 hours x 7 days a week for your convenience.


works great on my system