How to Check Compatibility

Detail instructions how to check compatibility of your existing security system with Nexx Smart Alarm.

DSC Installation, Registration, And Validation

How to install Nexx Smart Alarm NXAL-100 on DSC alarm systems.

Honeywell Installation, Registration, And Validation

How to install Nexx Smart Alarm NXAL-100 on Honeywell alarm systems.

Honeywell Enable Keypad Address Number

How to Enable Keypad Address Number on Honeywell Alarm System

Change Honeywell Installer Code

How to change Honeywell Installer Code.

Find Your Honeywell Installer Code

How to Find Your Honeywell Installer Code.

Arm/Disarm Your Alarm System

Arm, disarm, and monitor your alarm system from anywhere anytime using the Nexx Smart Alarm companion app Nexx Home.

Choose the many convenient control ways that best fit your lifestyle: phone tap, smartwatch, voice smart assistants (Alexa, Google, Siri), or/and connect SmartThings, IFTTT, OmniFob.

Arm/Disarm Using Shortcut

You can conveniently arm/disarm your alarm system without opening the device detail screen. Just Tap & Hold the alarm button in the device list.

Enable Notifications

Always know what is happening with your burglar alarm system with Nexx push notifications. Even if you aren’t looking at your phone, Nexx will notify you through voice announcements.

Customize your preferences on how you want Nexx to notify you and for what.

Notifications will sound even if your phone is in silent mode!

Enable Group Monitoring

Group Monitoring gives you added peace of mind by establishing a community of trusted people to monitor your home while you are away.

Share Control and Give Access to Others


Easily and conveniently share with family, friends, and home service providers.

History log lets you know who activated your alarm with date and time to give you that extra sense of security.

Create Custom Zone Names (PRO Plan)

Name each alarm zone the way it makes more sense to you.

* Requires PRO Plan subscription