The Nexx Alarm was designed to work with any alarm from the Ademco/Honeywell Vista series from the 90's right up to the latest 2013 Honeywell Vista 21IP and DSC Power series alarms. This document will help identify if a given panel is compatible with the Nexx Smart Alarm. Many of these alarm panels were sold under different names, branded by the alarm monitoring company.  For example, Safewatch Pro 3000/3000CN which is actually a Vista 20P.

Note: The Ademco LYNX Systems are NOT compatible as they do not support the 4 wire expansion bus that Nexx Alarm connects to.

If after reading this you still are not sure if your panel is supported and are interested in the Nexx Smart Alarm then send us an email with a picture of your alarm panel filling the full frame of your camera and we will check it out. (Please provide a general statement of release for the photo as we may use them on the website to help others.)