Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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Customer Reviews

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Erick Unbehand
Fantastic product... are there plans to make it available again soon???

have two of these installed and they have worked flawlessly for a couple of years AFTER installing the (overpriced) hardwired magnetic switch door sensor.
the wireless door sensor eats batteries and can be unreliable reporting open/closed state.
one is located at a remote property, and the ability to KNOW the state and also grant access to others is awesome.

Great (when it works)

Everything works great, until it decides to disconnect from your WiFi, or you stop receiving notifications for no reason. Unfortunately this occurs every few months. Cycling the power or re-installing the app gets really old after a while. Even updated to the latest model in hopes that it was more stable. It is not.

Robert Andresen
Don't waste your money

You spend most of your time trying to get these units to reconnect or replacing the batteries monthly! Their interface with Alexa is a joke. Took someone outside of the company to show the venerability in their software!! My door opens when it should be closing per its schedule. Constantly loses its ability to interface with Alexa and then they blame Amazon. Poor product support.

Harry Ellis
Excellent Customer Service and Device Features

We have used our NXG 200 for a few years. It has operated almost flawlessly since we got it. We recently had a need to ask for customer advice on creating a schedule for the device to ensure our garage was properly secure at night. The advice and guidance we got was rapid and detailed and customer service continued to check our progress at each step until we had solved our need. Outstanding support and courtesy at every step!

Terrible product

Bought two of these. First one lasted one year. 2nd one lasted 6 months. Customer support cound not fix problem. Stay away from Nexx