Replacement WIRELESS Sensor - for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200/300

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Replacement WIRELESS Sensor - for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200/300

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Replacement Wireless Sensor for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200/300.

For installation instructions and troubleshooting tips visit: Nexx Help Portal

Customer Reviews

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John Steffen
Old one went bad. Had to replace it

New one works fine now.

Total Garbage

Bought the unit in 2020 as an upgrade from last wired one. Unfortunately I’ve had nothing but issues with the sensor. The one that came with it didn’t work and would not turn on even after new batteries were installed so they sent a replacement. After about 6 months the 2nd sensor unit stopped working and now it’s out of warranty and they won’t replace. Last time I purchase from this company! So many other better and more reliable options available. Will be posting this on multiple sites.

Works really, really well!

This little device works really, really well! The unit allows me to be able to use the Nexx Smart Garage via voice command or and this is my absolute favorite feature geofencing!!! I can come home and that garage door is opening!! The app gives you the option of setting your distance. The whole package really makes my life easier. I would highly recommend this device to family and friends. Basically anyone who wishes to make life easier.

Bryan Conlon

Replacement WIRELESS Sensor - for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200/300

Does not work

Purchased a replacement wireless sensor because I moved and forget to bring the old one with me. The replacement was installed in identical manner as previous one but always reports the garage door is open, even when it is closed. Changed battery and same issue. It is basically useless because I can’t really tell if the door is open or closed when I’m away from home. Did not have this problem with the sensor that originally came with the garage door opener.