Replacement Wired Sensor (COMPLETE PAIR) - for Nexx Smart Garage

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Replacement Wired Sensor (COMPLETE PAIR) - for Nexx Smart Garage

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Replacement wired sensor complete pair for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-100, NXG-200, and NXG-300.

This sensor can be used for those wanting a Wired Sensor option in place of the Wireless Sensor that comes with Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 and NXG-300 by default.

NOTE: Mounting brackets for easier sensor installation are not included!

If you want to purchase mounting brackets as well, we recommend you to buy the bundle
for a saving of $5 off the separate purchase prices!

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Gene Poire
Absolute Junk

The adapter that comes with the package will not connect to the base unit. The base unit connection folds up in the unit making it impossible to connect.

Benny Tejeda
The best

Very easy to install

Robert Malton
Lot better

I had the wireless senor, however, my garage is not insulated and was getting very cold in the winter months. The battery was wearing down very quickly and I got poor performance, once I switched to the wired senor I've had zero problem. I must say in the fall and summer months I had no problem with the battery senor.

John Griffith
Just wanted the cable

I just wanted the cable, so i could easily connect the “gate open” signal of my driveway gate operator to the Nexx WiFi controller. Well, I had to insert a relay, but the cable, with attached connector for the Nexx WiFi controller, made the job much easier than it would have been otherwise. Only 2 stars because I couldn’t buy the cable without buying the magnetic sensor, which I cut off, and because the Nexx app / controller won’t allow you to change the definition (polarity) of the “gate open” signal.

James Myers
Wired sensor

The wired sensor was easy to install and has been working great!