Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

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Customer Reviews

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George F.
if only every product worked this good!!

I purchased this 2 years go and it works flawlessly every day. The only caveat is the wireless position needs batteries every 2-3 months, I just keep a good supply. Other than that it never fails to let me know the door is open. It always works on command. A truly great product

Jim F
Doesn’t work with Apple Homekit

It opens and closes the garage great. Works with Alexa and Google, but no support for Apple.

Dave R.
Easy to install and it just works!

This is my second Nexx garage door controller and it is apparently a newer generation. The door position sensor is wireless and extremely easy to install compared to the original two piece wired one. If you can peel some double side foam tape and stick the door sensor on the door and the WiFi door controller on the side of your opener and connect two wires you shouldn't have any trouble installing this on a compatible door opener. Both of my openers are two different models made by Genie and they are several years old.

Once physically installed, all you need to do is install the Nexx app on your phone and follow the instructions to connect the Nexx controller to your WiFi network.

Pedro Calvillo
Awesome product and tech support!

I’ve bought the Nexx Garage a couple of years ago and works great. As long as it has a good wifi signal you can access it from anywhere. The magnet contact does a good job of giving you open/close status confirmation. I paired it with a wyze cam for added video confirmation and additional video surveillance. The initial setup was not too difficult but took a few attempts before I was able to configure it to my home wifi. The tech support is awesome! If you have an issue, they reply quickly and always willing to help resolve any problems. If you’re looking for an extra garage clicker opener, spend a little more and get the Nexx Garage. It’s worth the money!

Todd Trocki
Great products and great customer service

I waited several months before writing this review to make sure the products were great over time. I own the Next Wi-Fi Gate Controller and the Nexx Wi-Fi Garage NXG-200. The Nexx Gate Controller was first and I didn’t want to mess up my gate so I called in for phone support. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with the most detail oriented tech that guided me through the setup on my gate. He literally knew every single aspect of the setup and operation which was beyond incredible customer service. The Nexx Garage controller was a simple setup and took me less than 5 minutes. A couple of timesI had issues with not receiving notifications which I wasn’t able to solve on my own. I sent in a support ticket both times and had answers back with 30 minutes that did resolve my issues. I like the products and company so much that I just added 2 more Nexx Garage controllers.