Replacement Wired Sensor (COMPLETE PAIR) - for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200

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Replacement Wired Sensor (COMPLETE PAIR) - for Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200

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This sensor can be used for those wanting a Wired Sensor option in place of the Wireless Sensor that comes with Nexx Smart Garage NXG-200 by default.

NOTE: Mounting brackets for easier sensor installation are not included!

If you want to purchase mounting brackets as well, we recommend you to buy the bundle
for a saving of $5 off the separate purchase prices!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great option for use on gates

I wanted to connect the NXG-200 to an automatic gate. I needed the wired sensor instead of the wireless tilt sensor the 200 is shipped with. The wired sensor worked well for my installation.

Bret Hobbs
Wired Sensor works great

I installed the wired sensor as the Bluetooth sensor would not function with my metal garage door. The installation was a breeze and the unit has been reporting opening and closing correctly 100 percent of the time. Great unit.

Tony P
More reliable than the wireless sensor

I installed a Nexx NXG-200 to replace a different manufacturer's smart garage door controller only to find that whereas the previous controller's wireless sensor was 100% reliable, Nexx's was not. Until I moved the sensor a few times the door position would simply be misreported in the app causing nuisance notifications or a false sense of security. I bought the wired sensor after the first such incident (at my own cost, though it seems others have gotten it sent to free to them upon complaining) knowing that if it ever happened again I wouldn't trust it. It did happen again.

After much consideration as to placement and brackets and mountings needed (none are included with the sensors) I went to install... and the port promptly broke off of the NXG-200. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS PORT. It's recessed a bit and the retaining clip is tough to work once it's in too deep. Nexx replaced the unit under warranty.

I got it installed today. I used neodymium magnets stuck to a flat magnet with double-sided tape for the unwired side due to my install's unique positioning but open/close detection is great. Unlike the wireless sensor which when I reviewed the logs would miss activity altogether, even the shortest of open/close cycles are present in the log. I have confidence this sensor will be much, much more effective than the wireless one.

Wayne L. Courtney
Next wired sensor

This sensor works properly. The wireless one that came with the unit was completely useless and unreliable.

Frederick Galloway
Not worth having!!!!!!!!

This wired sensor I thought would be more reliable and it was anything but. I also think the brackets that are sold separately on a different line item, should be included in the price and int he kit. The wireless sensor works great, and I have not had any issues as well as with the system its self. The system works as it should and makes life a little easier for my family to know if someone has come home before they walk in the door.